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JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd Company Profile
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JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd

JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd
JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd
JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd
JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd
JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd
JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd
JC Security Equipment Co., Ltd
Main Market:
South America , Eastern Europe , Southeast Asia , Middle East , Africa
Business Type:
Manufacturer , Exporter
No. of Employees:
Annual Sales:
250 0000-300 0000
Year Established:
Export p.c:
70% - 80%
R&D Team:
10 top Software engineers
Factory area:
about 2000 ㎡
Company Details

JC Security Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in research & design,manufacture, sales and install of high quality x ray inspection systems,
metal detectors and under vehicle inspection systems ,hydraulic bollards systems.With self-owned intellectual property advanced image
processing technology,reliable software and hardware, Our equipment are made to meet customers' variety and specific requirements.

Adhering to the core value " safety & innovation" and the quality principle" First class reliable quality and good technical,we have passed ISO
quality system certification and environment health safety certificates already. All the products are CE,FCC, SGS approved, rely on our core
technical and good sales service competitiveness.

SECUSTAR in the leading level in the world, JC Security Equipment CO fouses on latest technology targets to social security requirement.
We have factory area about 2000 square meters,R&D offices and after sales service center located in ShenZhen,China. and we have more
than 60 cooperation partners in South Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America. JC Security Equipment Co.,Ltd is your ideal selection for
security solutions,our products are widely used in aviation, custom border,military, courts, prisons, government office and so on .

Our Manufacturing System:
We have advanced high-tech production machines for cutting machine frames cutting, welding,die casting, and intelligent software testing,
whole company production work flow through ERP system management, which greatly improved the working efficiency, so we always can
deliver goods to customers on time .
Quality management :
1,Production process control ; 2 ,QA & QC department; 3, Pre-shipment Test Report
Product innovation : New product innovation and technology innovation every year, we company have established a reward system for all
technological innovation engineers since 2010 year.
Environment Protection and Social Responsibility :
We are devoted to reduce consumption of waste water,exhaust gas, noise or reduction of electricity consumption by switching to solar energy,
SECUSTAR commits itself to the national energy saving and to creat a better living and working environment ,company Donate primary schools
in poor mountain areas every year,Be a philanthropic actor and a dedication lover


Pre-Sales Service :


   1, Carry out regular training of sales staff,to increase their professional knowladge,Improving the ability to solve problems for our client.

   2. Engineer team supply technology service for clients,they will provide equipment operation using training for users and give correct advices.

   3, SECUSTAR company support OEM,ODM and agency cooperation,we support customers to brand their own LOGO ,increase sales flexibility .

   4. We carry out two years quality warranty , technology support all the life free of charge , spare parts stock backup .

   5, SECUSTAR manufactuer protect agents or partners to do project tenders, we will help client to do bids under sales dept authorization.


After Sales Service:


JC Security Equipment Co.,Ltd strictly follow the quality policy of " quality first, customer first", manage the whole production
process according to the ISO9001 standards,design, manufacturing ,construction, make pre-shippment quality test reports,
we will try our best to avoid after sales problems, let our client nothing to worry to buy , and using equipment at ease .

After Sales-Ideas
SECUSTAR concerns the customers, and has developed a service idea of standardization, regularization, professionalization
and high efficiency to provide a standard, formal, professional and efficient after sales service.
After Sales-Structure
In order to implement the customer centered service idea and provide quick response, we have carried out a flat service strategy
of after sales in which a two-level service system has been built. In this system, the after sales center in headquarter is senior office,
and all the service or maintenance agencies are the second level units.
After Sales-Networks
SECUSTAR provides qualified systematic construction and after sales services to customers in the global market with system.
we working with local partners and train top engineers who can handle all urgently technical problems at the first time.
After Sales·24Hrs service
our phone and chat tools online 24hours, so that our clients can contact us any time.

Our Technology support :


1, All equipment with 18-24 months quality warranty ; technology support all the life free of charge.

2, Pre-sales consulting , our manufacturer will protect agents and partners market projects info
we will help customers to attend all tenders ,according to end users tech specs requirements,
sales will give suitable advice and supply the best security solutions .

3,Technology training, we will invite customers to come to factory for visiting and training.
We will supply technology training free of charge ,arrange professional training courses.

4,Installation service , we can teach customers to install all equipment quickly , if our customers
need to install a big quantity of machines , we also can send engineers to install machines onsite.

5,Maintenance , we will send maintenance book and CD to show customers how to operate devices.
Within quality warranty ,once machines with any problems , we will send spare parts to replace at once
Our engineers will help to upgrade and check the software through PC team-view .

6,Once our customers need help about euipment, our sales and engineers will contact them within 24 hours


JC Security Equipment Co.,Ltd developing quickly during 10 years .With the continuous development & research investment and launch of new products, our team and cooperation partners are becoming bigger and stronger in the world , especially in third world countries, our products are welcomed.At present, SECUSTAR has x ray parcel scanner single energy JC5030A,JC5335 JC6040 ,dual energy dual views scanner JC6040Dv

JC6550DV ,JC10080DV,JC100100DV,JC150180 ,JC120120,JC150150. walk through metal detector single zone, 6 zones ,8zones 18zones, 24 zones ,33zones even 45zones detection . auto rising bollards system , under vehicle inspection system and mirrors ,explosive trace detectors .

We will continue to actively expand our business network to meet our customer’s needs.


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Our Team

Team-work played a very important part in success nowadays,every employee at JC Security Equipment Co.,Ltd is well aware of their responsibility and mission. People are the most valuable asset at SECUSTAR. We are a team of passionate and experienced security equipment professionals working towards the same goal:

Perfecting production process, supplying top quality product, developing innovative product, giving back to the community,make a safe world.


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